ELECTRIC & HYBRID MARINE in Amsterdam – Arens Motors presents the most compact Range Extender on the market

The International Exhibition of Electric and Hybrid Marine Charging and Propulsion Technologies and Components

From 21 to 23 June 2022, ENGINEme GmbH will present the latest generation of ultra compact ARENS RVI marine engine as range extender for hybrid drives. The Berlin tech company shows the future of internal combustion engines for the recreational boat market.

The Future is Electric

New solutions are needed to ensure that electric freedom on the water does not end with the charging infrastructure. Under the influence of the energy transition, interest in battery-electric drives is increasing in the marine sector.
The demand for locally emission-free locomotion in ports and inland waters is growing. At the same time, range safety at sea is indispensable. But how can both requirements be met economically and sustainably?

Hybrid drives and renewable fuels

Hybrid drives combine battery-electric propulsion with an internal combustion engine as a range extender. As an alternative to conventional diesel units, we will present the most compact and lightest range extender for marine hybrid drives on the market in Amsterdam. The ARENS RVI REX is a direct-injectied two-cylinder boxer engine with 10 kW power and 35 kg weight. With its plug-and-play installation, it integrates easily and seamlessly into the system design. The electronic control unit has an interface for real-time data exchange via CAN-BUS with other on-board control units. If required, the engine’s operating characteristics can be adapted to the customer’s individual operating strategy. A special feature of the RVI technology is its flexibility with regard to green fuels and sustainable long-term use. The injection system allows the use of alternative fuels (Green Fuels), which, depending on the type of synthetic fuel, permit CO2-neutral or CO2-free engine operation. In the boating sector, these future fuels include methanol (CH3OH) and carbon-free ammonia (NH3).

Powerhead RVI 379-2Z boxer – drive unit as range extender (REx)

The drive unit on which the marine engines are based is the RVI 379-2Z boxer engine from ENGINEme GmbH. These new types of aggregates are designed in such a way that they can be delivered as so-called “long block” engine, i.e. without typical marine assemblies and add-on parts such as reversing gears or generators. This allows the engine to be integrated as a range extender or generator drive for yachts. With 379 ccm, the small power plants achieve a power-speed ratio that
can compete with diesel inboards of equal performance. Nevertheless, ARENS RVI drives weigh only half as much, are much more compact and are easier to install (easy as plug and play). Since four-stroke-typical parts such as cylinder head valves, camshaft, oil circulation lubrication or oil sump are omitted, operation is not only very low-maintenance, but also insensitive to strong position changes, e.g. due to swell or heeling. The engines are also equipped with a closed fuel system that doesn’t allow fuel or vapours to escape. The electronic control unit also has an interface for real-time data exchange via CAN-BUS with other on-board control units. If required, the operating characteristics of the engine can be adapted to the customer’s individual operating strategy.

Here you can register for a visit of ENGINEme GmbH under the brand “ARENS MOTORS” at the ELECTRIC & HYBRID MARINE in Amsterdam. You will find us in Hall 8 at Stand 1410 very close to the MEETINGS AND CONCESSIONS AREA.
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