The new way of applying pressure!

The ELMU-5P is a multi-point fluid distribution and metering unit. It enables media conveyed via a pump to be distributed to up to 5 different outlets.

The number of outputs can be increased to 8 by connecting an expansion module. The control of the pump and distribution of the liquid is microprocessor controlled and can be individually adapted to customer-specific requirements. In this way, any opening and pause times can be defined for each liquid outlet and the sequence and frequency of the actuation of the outlets can be specified. 

Electronic liquid multipoint dosing unit

Technical specifications

A pumping and distribution process is triggered by means of a trigger signal via the signal input provided. The selected materials allow the pumping of oils, fuels and water, among others. The design of the ELMU-5P is based on economy and robustness.

The quantity of liquid that can be distributed with the ELMU results from the delivery rate of the connected pump. 

Possible applications include the implementation of centralized lubrication, use as a metering distributor in process plants, laboratory applications or irrigation systems.

Power supply
12 V (other voltages on request)
5 V (other triggers on request)
Bursting pressure
8 bar
Smallest cross section in the line system
2 mm
Sealing class of the housing
Mounting position
Allowed temperature of the fluid
0,92 kg
Dimensions of the inlet hose
4x6 mm (other dimension on request)
Dimensions of the outlet hoses
3x4,3 mm
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