ENGINEme GmbH has specialized in the development of sustainable heat engines. For markets and areas of application in which full electrification using battery or fuel cell drives is not ecologically, economically or practically feasible, sustainable alternative solutions are required. 

ENGINEme GmbH addresses markets in which drive machines with proven operating strategies and infrastructures cannot be dispensed with, but where sustainable, i.e. climate and environmentally friendly use is necessary and in demand. The leisure marine market is one of those markets in which boat drives in particular are in conflict between demanded sustainability (CO2 neutrality, emission avoidance, resource protection, etc.) and existing user requirements (costs, availability, range, handling, etc.). The goal of ENGINEme GmbH is to make a decisive contribution to resolving this conflict of goals.

In the medium term, the use of fossil and synthetic diesel and gasoline fuels is to be expected in the marine sector. However, for environmental and cost reasons, consumption should be kept to a minimum. For experts in the field of mobile heat engines, it has long been clear that apart from the large commercial engines, a combination of downsizing and green fuels is the key to the compromise between range and environmental compatibility. ENGINEme GmbH pursues this strategy.

It is becoming apparent that fuels that can be produced more cheaply in terms of energy will play a greater role than is the case today. These include, in particular, alcohol fuels such as methanol or ethanol, which are already used as admixtures to conventional fuels. The concept of the RVI engines with their electronic control and their simple structure allow a later conversion to such fuels with comparatively little effort. The sustainability concept of the ARENS RVI motors provides that the components are designed for long-term use over several decades and the raw materials can be recycled with little effort. On the other hand, production and operation take place with minimal energy expenditure, fed from regenerative sources.

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